JHS Hockey Hosting Relay For Life Fundraiser

In the last few years, the Jamestown High School girls hockey team, which has several players from Valley City, has worked to help Relay for Life, and tomorrow night the team kicks off its latest fundraising effort when it hosts a week-long community scavenger hunt.
The hunt will kick off on Wednesday and will end with teams bringing their items in on Feb. 13 at the Eagles Arena Hockey Rink in Jamestown.
The hunt will consist of 50 items: some of them common, everyday items, some of them hockey items and some of them hard to find items. The first list of items has been released and the second will be given out at the girls' last home game on Friday at the Wilson Area in Jamestown.
grand prize for the best scavenger is a four-day, three night stay in San Francisco for two people. The prize includes two airline tickets, three-night hotel stay and two wharf passes for the bay area. Second prize will be a portable Garman GPS system and third prize $100 cash.
Items will need to be presented by one of scavenger team's members between 6–8pm on the final night at the Eagles Arena in Jamestown. People may register by contacting one of the girl hockey players or contacting Karen Finck 701-368-9224 or emailing kfinck@daktel.com. There is an entry fee of $25 per person.
The team started its work with Relay for Life in 2010,
The first fund raiser they did was the “Flush Out Cancer” lawn ornament. Since cancer seems to come in the middle of the night, the girls would place a toilet lawn ornament in someone’s yard during the night. The victim then was asked to give a donation to remove the lawn ornament and send it on its way to the next victim.
The girls have done lawn ornaments, donations and car washes resulting in over $18,000 towards the cause.
Coach Brad Schaack has also been instrumental on the girl’s relay team: he has put his heart and sole into the effort and has been an inspiration to the girls, raising over $5,000 last year by using internet, connections and Facebook.
Players from Valley City include Brenna Pritcher, Elly Milender and Haley Schnaidt. The Bluejays have the smallest team in the region, playing only 12 players, but have remained in the top-five of the state rankings.

Scavenger Hunt List 1
Note: anything that does not have the word “COPY” in the line item description means we need an actual item, not a photo, magazine or copy of the requested item. The word “picture” can refer to a photocopy, internet download, cell-phone or any other picture printing method.

1. One picture with one of the Girl Hockey players in their uniform. Picture must show face of the girl.

2. One hockey stick

3. A sand-in-hour glass timer

4. Which girl on the hockey team has been playing hockey the longest and what age did they start? Need both answers to be correct to get credit for this question.

5. Picture of a White Buffalo

6. A Pair of suspenders

7. A blue earring

8. Get a copy of a newspaper article that talks about assistant coach Katrina Wiest when she was a player for Jamestown High School hockey. (Actual newspaper not needed, just a copy of the printed article and must show date of newspaper article on copy)

9. One buffalo-head nickel

10. One large 33 LP RECORD

11. One 8-track tape

12. One pair of hockey or figure skates

13. One pin of the buffalo

14. A picture of the “thing” that was the first lawn ornament used by the JHS Girl’s Hockey Relay for Life

15. A copy or a receipt from: Babb’s Coffee House or Meeting Grounds

16. A picture of a Blue Jay

17. A stuffed animal bunny

18. A child’s lunch box with an animated character on it

19. A bag of peanut M&M’s

20. An empty prescription bottle from any Jamestown or Valley City local pharmacy (for privacy you may want to blacken out the person’s name on the label)

21. A magazine from 1979

22. A pair of mittens

23. A Dr. Suess book

24. An airline ticket to anywhere (used or not used)

25. A picture of one someone on your scavenger team as a baby