Jail Committee Moves to Build New Jail

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Sheila Anderson
On Tuesday evening, members of the Barnes County Jail Committee came together in a meeting to discuss their next move.
The members had received an assessment on the condition of the jail the previous week and requested time to go over that report before making any decisions. After a state inspection earlier this year, the county was given until the end of the year to come up with a plan to bring the jail into compliance or build a new facility, or else the current jail would be closed.
Lance Anderson, North Dakota’s director of facility inspections, and James Sayler, the state’s warden of transitional facilities, were on hand at the meeting, having toured the jail prior to the meeting.
“I don’t really have any official statements except reiterating the statement on non-compliance,” Sayler said.
Barnes County Sheriff Randy McClaflin said the state has been a big help.
“I can’t compliment the state enough on how they’ve worked with us,” McClaflin said.
The discussion of prisoner transport came up as an option if there were no jail in Barnes County.
Logistics and potential expense involved in this option were part of the conversation.
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