Impact World Tour Coming to Valley City

Special to the Times-Record
This month, 100 world-class athletes, performers, and champions will give their time to present a series of messages across Valley City and Jamestown, said the Rev. Foster Beckstrand, pastor of the Dazey Assembly of God Church.
The no-charge Impact World Tour will bring lively daytime school assemblies, followed by events throughout the region from Sept. 14 to 23.
Sponsors say the Impact World Tour is not an event, but an experience.
Area businesses, churches and individuals have been preparing for these community events for close to a year, and are excited to host all three teams that make up the Impact World Tour:
Team Xtreme: world class athletes and strong men from the US and Canada perform radical feats of strength to packed crowds. Team Xtreme will challenge you to dream big, while you watch exciting stunts and unique demonstrations at every venue.
Island Breeze: featured on Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel and National Geographic,
Island Breeze are internationally renowned and bring performers from all over the Polynesian islands to entertain audiences with colorful costumes, dance and fire. Their culture-specific performance promises to bring a fresh breath to a celebration of life.
GX International: world-class skaters, breakers, rappers, and dancers come from Europe,
South America, Australasia and the United States. GX International’s young street sports stars bring a high-energy performance to make a change and affect the world.
The Impact World Tour was founded in 1993, and has traveled to more than 1,600 cities across five continents, and portions of 40 US states. Since the beginning, all team members are asked to volunteer their time, to make sure that local expenses are kept to a minimum. This is one more way that Impact World Tour has been committed to serving the communities it works with.
Valley City event dates will be Team Xtreme 7 p.m. Sept. 20 on the North Dakota Winter Show grounds and GX International 7 p.m. Sept. 21 on the North Dakota Winter Show grounds.
Visit for online event specifics.