HS Student Wears Shirt For Month As Awareness Effort

Valley City High School Junior Aislinn Fogarty wore the same shirt for 30 days as a way to raise awareness of the fact many young people around the world only have one shirt to wear.

She hastens to add she washed the garment on a regular basis.

The effort was also part of a fund-raising campaign to help young people who can’t afford more than one shirt.

The 17-year-old daughter of Paula Fogarty said people “pledged 50 cents or a dollar for every day I wear the shirt.” They live in Valley City.

Aislinn, who attends Valley City’s New Life Assembly of God church, said money she raises “I’ll give to missionaries to give to them (young people with only one shirt).”

Aislinn said the campaign was started by her and her pastor, Lucas Aufenkamp.

Aislinn and several other students participated in the “My One Shirt” campaign. She estimates eight students at VCHS are participating.

She said seventh- to 12th-grade students learned about the campaign while attending an Assemblies of God Convention for young people. “A lot of youth in Assemblies of God in North Dakota started doing it, and I thought it was a great idea.

“I’ve always known there are starving and homeless kids everywhere. This is just to raise awareness a little more,” Aislinn said.

“I do wash it, although I realize kids who only wear one shirt don’t wash theirs. I do live in America,” Aislinn said. She started wearing her shirt Nov. 25, and her campaign ended Christmas Day.

She somebody teased her by asking, “how much do I have to pay you” to stop wearing the shirt? “I didn’t take the offer.”

Paula said some people also asked her daughter “how much they would have to pay to not wash it.” Aislinn rejected that offer also.

Aislinn, who has two brothers and a sister, said she is the only one in the family participating in the “My One Shirt” campaign.

Interviewed the morning before Christmas, Aislinn said the campaign had become easy. “It’s pretty easy to do – you get into a routine, and don’t have to figure out what to wear that day.

“Some of my teachers know (about the campaign), and one only found out Friday. After about four days some students asked me ‘why are you wearing the same shirt everyday, and I told them. Some (students) were afraid to ask me.”

Most money raised for Assemblies of God missionary work goes to Joseph Boch, based in Spain, “and some goes to Turkey. Missionaries have been in India and China too.”