At Home with Extension: Spring Fever

TR Staff
Staff Writer

Are you looking for information on how to care for your yard and garden? NDSU Extension is offering a series of “Spring Fever Garden Forums” that will provide live presentations on Vegetables, Fruits, Soils, Trees, Shrubs, Lawns and Gardens. The forums will be held Monday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. running from March 25ththru April 15th. Topics for March 25th include; “Is There a Better Way to Grow Tomatoes?”, “Hydroponics at Home” and “Top Vegetable Varieties for ND. Topics for April 1st include; “Raspberry Cultivars for ND”, “Pruning Shrubs for Fruits and Beauty” and “Consumer Guide to Soil Test Kits”. Topics for April 8th include; “Tree Maintenance- Spring and Summer”, “Ash Replacement Trees” and “Hip and Happening Hydrangeas”. Topics for April 15th include; “Proper Mowing”, “Bring the Outdoors In: Fresh-Cut Flowers” and “Beyond the Honey Bee”. Gardeners can participate in the forums by attending the local site at the Barnes County Court House or online at home. Each gardener that attends the Barnes County site will receive gardening gifts at each forum. You can register at You can also register by calling the Barnes County Extension Office at 701-845-8528. There is no cost for the Spring Fever Garden Forums.
Randy Grueneich
Barnes County
Extension Ag Agent