Hole-in-one sunk in VC

A Valley City native sunk the 29th hole-in-one at Bjornson Public Golf Course on Wednesday.

Tom Kellogg said the experience was “Quite a trip.

“I was golfing with a co-worker out here, when we got to Hole 2 he had a 5-iron and he hit it too far and I had a 7, so I figured I might club up to a 6. When I hit it, it looked kind of short but the way it bounced we both new it was on the green.”

When the two drove up to the green in their golf cart, they had trouble finding Kellogg’s shot. His fellow golfer suggested it might have gone in the hole, and Kellogg thought he was joking.

“Sure as Hell I walk up and there it is sitting there. It was crazy; it must have bounced just perfect.”

Kellogg said he wasn’t using any special clubs, and the success of the shot hinged on luck.

“They were just out enjoying the afternoon. They hit it out of No. 2 and when they got up to the green they couldn’t find their golfballs,” said Will Jantzen of the Bjornson Golf Course.

Kellogg’s name, date and hole number will soon be put on a plaque at the course’s clubhouse commemorating golfers who’ve achieved similar feats.
Since the club opened in 1994, 15 golfers have hit a hole-in-one on Hole 2 and 12 have sunk Hole 4 in a single swing. Both are three-par holes.