Hit And Run Injures Valley City Woman

The Valley City Police Department is asking for information from possible witnesses to a hit and run that left a Valley City woman injured on Tuesday morning.

Tonya Bennett, co-owner of the Another Time restaurant on the southwest corner of Fifth Avenue and West Main Street, reported a regular customer had been hit by a young, female driver around 11 a.m. on Tuesday morning.
“She came in and said that a black pickup with a young girl came speeding around the corner and she (the driver) had earphones in, hit her, and kept going,” Bennett said.

“A lot of people come speeding around this corner and she was crossing the street – just hit her and kept going.”

The woman, a regular customer at the restaurant, complained of hip and knee injuries but was undeterred from her lunch date with a friend and denied an ambulance or medical transfer, saying she would seek medical treatment on her own if necessary.

Police dispatcher Andrea Suhr said the department would appreciate any information that could be provided by any possible witnesses, even though the victim is refusing to press charges.

“She didn’t want to pursue it, but then we’d have it (on record) in case God-knows-what happened,” Suhr said.