Governor Accepts VCPS Storm Day Waiver Applications

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Ellie Boese
This rollercoaster North Dakota winter forced school officials across the state to make tough decisions in the best interest of their students’ and faculty/staffs’ safety. Valley City Public Schools missed five full days of school, had three late-start days and was dismissed early once, each of them due to inclement weather. The school district was looking at the potential of having to extend the hours of the school day during May 6-10 and May 13-17.
As many schools did, VCPS applied for Storm Day Waivers from the Governor’s Office for three weather-related missed school days. With the Governor’s acceptance of these, the VCPS school district will not have to extend the hours of the school day as the end of the year draws closer. That means that schooldays to be made up (one was April 22) will be Thursday, May 23 and Friday, May 24.
The last day of the school year (if you can believe we’re already so close!) is Friday, May 24, with graduation on May 26. As summer vacation approaches, we wish students and faculty/staff a good wrap-up of their 2018-19 academic year.