Goven named to ND Board of medical examiners board

Valley City Dr. Genevieve Goven has been appointed to a term on the North Dakota State Board of Medical Examiners by Gov. Jack Dalrymple.

Local medical historian Paul Vangerud said Friday Goven is the first Valley City doctor to serve on the board since Dr. Neil McDonald served on the board for eight years in the 1970s.

“It’s really quite an honor,” said Goven Friday.

As a board member, Goven said her job will be “two-fold,” reviewing credentials and training of new doctors in the state, and investigating and possibly pulling medical licenses of doctors in case of concerns or complaints.

Examples of problems the board would look at include driving under the influence, drug abuse or robbery, Goven said.

Goven said the board would also investigate doctors with North Dakota licenses who work or live in other states such as Minnesota or California and lost their licenses out of state. The state board would investigate and possibly suspend the North Dakota license if the problem were relevant.

The board also supervises physician assistants in North Dakota.

She said the purpose of the board is to follow the North Dakota Century code and keep standards for North Dakota doctors high. “Every few years we have a notable case” with North Dakota doctors facing license suspension or removal for offenses, Goven said.

“I was asked to join the board, but the governor makes the appointment,” Goven said.

“I will be the only Valley City doctor on the board.”

Goven said her term began April 1. The board meets quarterly in Bismarck for a two-day meeting unless a special meeting is needed.

Goven is board-certified in family practice and practices at the Sanford Valley City Clinic. She obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of North Dakota in 1985 and her medical doctorate from the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences in 1990.

Also appointed was Dr. Jonathan S. Haug of Grand Forks, a board-certified anesthesiologist and chairman of the department of anesthesiology at Altru Hospital. He received his undergraduate degrees from the University of North Dakota in 1996 and his medical doctorate from the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences in 2001.

Goven and Haug are eligible to serve two four-year terms on the Board. The Board includes 13 members: nine medical doctors, one doctor of osteopathy, one physician assistant and two public members. The North Dakota State Board of Medical Examiners is responsible for regulating the practice of medicine in North Dakota, thereby helping to ensure the safe and competent practice of medicine for the people of North Dakota. It reviews each applicant for a medical license or physician’s assistant license to practice in the state and enforces the state’s Medical Practice Act.