Food Expo packs ‘em in

More than 100 attend the first VC food expo

Well over a hundred people gathered at the Hi-Liner Activity Center at the Valley City High School on Monday evening to partake in the city’s first Food Expo. The Expo offered residents a look at local food suppliers, community supported agriculture and organic farms.

The evening was sponsored by local groups What in the World is Going On? and The Young People’s Healthy Heart as well as Medina-based FARRMS (Foundation for Agriculture and Rural Resource Management and Sustainability.

“People were really excited to talk about their food,” Sharon Buhr of YPHH said. “They care where their food comes from, they want their food to be healthy, they want nutrients in their food, and obviously by the attendance, they’re looking for local.”

On Thursday, Buhr said she was concerned the Monday night event might be called off due to snow. Nearly seven inches of snow fell by Sunday evening, but Monday offered safer travel conditions for the 19 vendors and presenters who had traveled to set up booths at the HAC.

Dr. Maggie Peterson runs the Organic Cupboard in Enderlin, and said since her store opened in September of 2008, she has seen an increased interest in organic foods.

“People are looking to go back to local markets,” she said.

“It’s another way to improve not only the economy, but also your health.”