Flu Vaccinations Strongly Advised

TR Staff
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By Donovan Williams
With September coming to a close, the time of the year has come again for everyone to consider getting their flu shots, and local pharmacies have been preparing for the season. Places around Valley City are doing whatever they can to make it easier for citizens to get vaccinated.
Collin Harris, a rotation student with two weeks left in NuCara Pharmacy, gave his input on the flu season. “Essentially, we get the vaccine in and we are currently scheduling appointments, either call-in or walk-in,” he said. “On the patient-side, it takes two weeks to get the whole benefit of the vaccine. You want to make sure you come in at least two weeks before someone is coughing on you or you already have it. Sooner is better. [The vaccine] should come with six months of protection from the flu. The worst two months are January and February.”
Doreen Sayler, a pharmacist at Central Avenue Pharmacy, said that they do not offer the vaccinations in the store but do encourage the public to make an extra effort to stay healthy. “We refer everyone to City-County Health for vaccines. Otherwise, what we try to do is help people prevent getting sick. That basically means proper hand-washing, essential oils, things to naturally boost up your immune system.”
For those who might not see flu shots as important, Sayler was quick to caution people to realize the risks they are taking in not getting vaccinated. “I would say people are of extremely high risk when their immune system is pulled down. I think everyone should at the very least get a check-up if they are pulled down and tend to get sick a lot,” she said. “People need to learn more ways to boost their immune system, maybe it means more fruits and vegetables, eating less processed foods, or getting enough sleep.”
The pharmacies aren’t the only facilities preparing for flu season. Valley City State University makes it a priority to ensure its students are healthy.
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