A Final Letter From Clementine

Ashley Limesand
Staff Writer

Clementine, the Times-Record's elf friend and a close friend of Santa, has made her final stop on her 2017 Christmas mission, concluding her eight stop tour of Valley City at Urban Couture as the mannequin Avis helped her learn about the beautiful dresses and fancy tuxedos that people use for an event called prom, something Clementine hopes to start among the elves this year.

With many new lessons and stories to share, Clementine has made her way back to the North Pole as her mission is complete, but not before leaving one last note. Clementine has given the Valley City Times-Record permission to share her note, as it is for all of those who believed in her and made it possible for her to complete her mission from Santa.
She writes as follows:

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas season with me this year and opening your hearts to me, my elf friends, and of course Santa.

I had a marvelous time both learning about your unique town here in Valley City, N.D., and meeting all of those who came to visit me throughout my exploring. Santa was more than pleased with my findings, and it was more than fun to see so many happy and kind faces while I was here.

I first want to thank Bong's Bootery, Smith Lumber Co., Dutton's Valley Gallery, NuCara Pharmacy, Dakota Rose Floral, Marketplace Foods, Central Avenue HealthMart Pharmacy, and Urban Couture and all of their employees for having me. I enjoyed learning more about what each business has to offer and I might even be able to bring back some new ideas to the North Pole.

I would like to thank the Times-Record for their help in spreading my message about my special mission so that I could reach as many people as possible and spread Santa's Christmas cheer, and whether you participated in their fun to find me, or just happened upon me it was always a pleasure to see each smiling face this Christmas season.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of those who took the time to say hi. Although, as an elf, I have always loved Christmas more than any other time of year, this year was even better than before and being in your town, surrounded by your kindness and your Christmas cheer, helped me see the magic in this wonderful time of year in a new light.

While I must return to the North Pole for now, I hope that I can return next year with another mission from Santa. Until then, remember to keep smiling, keep being kind, and keep believing in the magic of Christmas.

Your friend,
Clementine the Elf

The Times-Record would like to echo Clementine's thank you to all of the participating businesses for opening their hearts to Clementine allowing her to complete her mission.

We would also like to thank the 18 individuals who participated by calling in their guesses in each time they found our elf friend.

We hope Clementine and Santa partner with us again next year, and let us bring a little Christmas fun and cheer to our readers once again, but until then, the Times-Record staff would like to wish our readers a very Happy New Year.