Feir and Wit: How You Met Your Sweetheart

If you didn’t gather a thick enough layer of courage to ask your object of affection out on a date, it’s not entirely too late. Valentine’s Day may have been last Thursday, but Thursdays happen every week, so you get another chance in a few days.

However, let’s take a quick look at how some successfully established couples may have met. After all, love can happen any old day (that was in a song, I think), unplanned and surprising.

Does your love story relate to any of the following scenarios?

“We met when I was an exchange student in another country.”

This screams romance. It also screams pain. How heart-wrenching to be in love with someone oceans away, or even across the border. Distance may make the heart grow fonder, but does it usually end well?

I just hope potential breakups occur over Skype and not through Facebook messaging. At the very least, look into their pixilated eyes one more time (between camera freeze-ups) before calling it quits on your international love.

“We met online.”

Couples that started out by meeting online aren’t like your typical we-met-in-a-bar kind of romance, though, perhaps they had their first offline date in a bar. Bars are noncommittal joints, so I wouldn’t be surprised. Would meeting in a grocery store be a step down from meeting in a bar?

“We met in a grocery store.”

Couples that really did meet in supermarkets are practical, but imaginative. How else could you consider flirting with another shopper as you reach for a sweet onion simultaneously?

These couples are crossing off more than cereal on their grocery lists. They’re crossing off this troublesome errand: “Find future spouse.”
“We met in college.”

Please, elaborate so this sounds a bit more interesting and less like standardized education.

“We met through a mutual friend.”

This is also a bland statement as is, but depending on who your mutual friend was, that could spice things up a bit. When you say “mutual friend,” do you mean your ex was the connection and inadvertently set you two up, thus causing your breakup? I wonder.

“We’ve been together since age 5.”

In other words, you met in elementary school where you harassed each other for years. Then you started junior high where you continued to harass each other. Then you made it to high school where the harassing turned into playful banter, then into full-fledged flirting, then into dating.

Or, you just knew each other since forever, so you decided you should continue the pattern and not venture forth into the unknown world of emotional distress – heartbreak, as it’s called.

People sometimes meet in bizarre ways, as I’ve tried to illustrate, in a way. As you rehash how you and your sweetheart met, think of how even one variable could have changed your future entirely.

Feir is a senior at Minnesota State University Moorhead. Her column appears Mondays.