Feir and Wit: Desire for Practical Toys Leads to Adulthood

You know you’re getting older when the acquisition of new or upgraded kitchen accessories produces excitement. In the past few years, I’ve moved on from Easy-Bake Ovens to much greater culinary gadgets.

The reason most kids under 30 years old don’t find the lit-up magic of a touch-screen oven or the ease of an electric can opener exhilarating is because we don’t really need to.

Who cooks on a regular basis? Why would you go to the trouble of buying several ingredients when there’s ramen to be bought, 10 cents each? What’s an oven, anyway, and how do you use one?

According to an article published in The Huffington Post titled, “Cooking Survey Reveals That 28 percent Of Americans Can’t Cook,” well, we’re kind of helpless. The article said ignorance is one of the main reasons Americans aren’t cooking regularly. I’d bet laziness is another large factor.

I used to be indolent in the cooking department, and compared to Betty Crocker and my mother, I still am. However, having numerous food allergies has forced me to cook when handfuls of berries and nuts don’t satisfy my hunger, so actually cooking in a kitchen is no longer foreign to me.

Growing up, I witnessed the joy my mother would express when discussing her dream oven or dream fridge – the kind that has French doors, not leading to a veranda, but almond milk, eggs and deli meat.

Recently, I have caught the bug of appreciation for practical toys, such as these. Therefore I must be one step closer to “adulthood.” When I was given a Ninja Master Prep from my parents for Christmas last year, an immediate response of child-like wonder and anticipation surfaced.

Throughout the years, whenever my mother would receive kitchen accessories for presents, I couldn’t help but feel annoyance on her behalf. I was sure her apparent happiness was only an act of politeness. What a double-edged present to keep her in the kitchen and satisfy our family’s appetite for home-cooked delights. I pitied her supposed desire for practical items and every-day doodads.

I finally understand. It’s more than that.

Hello, KitchenAid. Goodbye, Easy-Bake.

About Meg

Meghan is a senior at Minnesota State University Moorhead dual majoring in English writing and mass communications focusing on print and online journalism. Originally born in Moorhead, she moved to the lakes area and graduated from Pelican Rapids High School in 2008. Meghan enjoys playing the piano, singing, etc. and long walks on the beach.