Fairytale Fun with VCPS

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Chelsey Olauson
Last month, the elementary schools hosted the annual Scholastic Book Fair. Each year, it has a theme, and this year’s theme was otherworldly, to say the least. Walking into the transformed library was like stepping straight into a Hans Christen Anderson compendium of fairy tales: The giant was walking down the beanstalk, mystical creatures flew at ceiling height, and small children enjoying masks and a small castle that the library had put up.
At the Book Fair, money is raised for the Scholastic All For Books fund, which allows more books to be added to school libraries and helps teachers to build their classroom libraries. Money raised by the schools is matched dollar-for-dollar by Scholastic, allowing a connection between more kids and books than ever before, Scholastic says.
To inspire the children to raise this funding, the teachers said that if the students raised a certain amount, they would dress up in fairy-tale inspired costumes and walk the runway for a fun school event at varying levels. The top goal was set at $1000.
Well, to the children’s delight, the fundraising went exceptionally well and all of the teachers who volunteered dressed up as characters from a fairy tales, including the principal, the librarians, music, phy-ed, and art teachers, Pat the janitor, the lunch ladies, and even the superintendent joined the fun.
Characters that graced the Jefferson Elementary runway ranged the gamut from regional folklore to those based on Hans Christen Anderson’s own as well as those more recent: Robin Hood, Rapunzel, Tinkerbell, Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf, and Granny, a flying monkey from Wizard of Oz, Paul Bunyan and Babe the Big Blue Ox, and unicorns graced the stage with their mystical presence.
Even Elsa and Ana from Frozen made an appearance, performing a dance routine.
The students and teachers very much enjoyed the activity, and the money raised will benefit the library.
One year it was a Polar Plunge, this year an exposé in Fairy-Tale Fashion…Who knows what Jefferson Elementary will do next year!