Election Results 2018: Statewide

TR Staff
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By TR Staff
Election 2018 has been referred too as one of the largest voter turnout elections statewide.
SENATE: In a hard-fought race for U.S. Senate, Kevin Cramer (R) and Incumbent Heidi Heitkamp (D) campaigned on issues most important to the people of North Dakota, from healthcare to recent tariffs affecting farmers and the state’s economy. The votes have determined that Cramer will be representing North Dakota in the U.S. Senate for the next 6 years. Cramer garnered 178,876 votes, Heitkamp 143,737 votes.
CONGRESS: In the shadow of a multi-million dollar Senate race, as candidates have joked, Mac Schneider (D) and Kelly Armstrong (R) have been campaigning across the state for the open North Dakota U.S. House of Representatives seat. Armstrong will represent North Dakota in the U.S. House, claiming the win with 192,733 votes. Schneider received 113,891 votes.
SECRETARY OF STATE: In a rather unusual race for Secretary of State, Democrat Josh Boschee ran against two independent nominees, Michael Coachman and Al Jaeger. Voters have elected Jaeger to serve in that position, winning with 144,620 votes, in contrast with Boschee, 119983 votes and Coachman, 40,385 votes.
ATTORNEY GENERAL: Candidates Wayne Stenehjem (R) and David Clark Thompson (D) were on the ballot for Attorney General. The ballot count determined that Stenehjem would take that position, earning 214,658 votes. His opponent earning 102,407 votes.
AG COMMISSIONER: (R) Doug Goehrig was voted to become North Dakota’s next Agriculture Commissioner with 212,700 votes, beating out his opponent (D) Jim Dotzenrod who earned 100,497 votes.
PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSIONER: Randy Christmann (R) and Jean Brandt (D) were in the running for Public Service Commissioner. Christmann became the newly elected official with 189,917 votes to Brandt’s 117,612 votes.
PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSIONER Unexpires 2-Year Term: Brian Kroshus (R) and Casey Buchmann (D) were in the running for Public Service Commissioner, unexpired 2-year term. Kroshus became the newly elected official with 187,107 votes to Buchmann 116,718 votes.
TAX COMMISSIONER: Ryan Rauschenberger (R) and Kylie Oversen (D) campaigned in North Dakota for Tax Commissioner, and on Tuesday Rauschenberger won the position with 182,452 votes, Oversen with 128,244 votes.
JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT: Lisa Fair McEvers and Robert Bolinske Sr. were on the ballot for ND Justice of the Supreme court. McEvers came out on top, receiving 177,322 votes. Bolinske received 91,674 votes.
Measure #1: This measure proposed sought to add an article to the ND Constitution to establish an Ethics Commission to regulate campaign fund transparency. The measure passed statewide with 168,887 votes for and 146,062 votes against.
Measure #2: This measure proposed amending Article II of the ND Constitution to reword the current provision that “every citizen” of the U.S. is a qualified elector to “only a citizen” is a qualified elector to vote in general, special, or primary elections. This measure passed statewide with 207,564 votes for and 107,249 votes against.
Measure #3: This measure on the ballot looked to amend the ND Century Code to legalize marijuana, prohibiting prosecution to growing, manufacturing, distributing, selling or testing of marijuana for persons over the age of 21. Measure 3 failed statewide with 192,965 votes for and 131,585 votes against.
Measure #4: This sought to add a new section to the ND Century Code to require the Department of Transportation to issue red vehicle plates to volunteer emergency responders at no cost to volunteers. Measure 4 passed statewide with 202,642 votes for and 112,519 votes against.