Election Results 2018: Barnes County

TR Staff
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By TR Staff
Votes have been counted in the primary election, and Barnes County voters have chosen their new leadership. Ballots show that constituents selected Bill Carlblom, Vicky Lovell, Tonya Duffy, and Randy McClaflin as county leaders.
In the District 3 Commissioners race, both Bill Carlblom and Eldred Knutson expressed concern about the county jail project and emphasized the importance of open-mindedness and detail-oriented work to solve problems. Voters elected Bill Carlblom as their District 3 Commissioner, with Carlblom bringing in 573 votes to Knutson’s 317 votes.
Carlblom has been in public service for over 25 years, both as township officer and commissioner, and he has been a county resident for over 30 years. His concerns with the jail and substance abuse are to be met with discernment and careful consideration of each differing position on those and other issues that come up. This will be his second term as District 3 Commissioner.
In District 4, Commissioner candidates Vicky Lovell and Marcy Svenningsen also considered the jail an important issue in the county for a Commissioner to address and work to fix. Both are life-long county residents and offered the on-the-ground experience voters looked toward. After ballots were counted, Lovell came out with 473 votes, Svenningsen with 432 votes, establishing Vicky Lovell as District 4 Commissioner.
Lovell pledges to bring open-mindedness and close listening, with a focus on easing high taxes that result both from rising property evaluations and the potential new jail building.
Lovell has served in the National Guard, as business manager and as an office manager, among other roles. She looks forward to advocating for reduced spending and making common-sense decisions on her constituents’ behalf.
Barnes County State’s Attorney candidates Lilie Schoenack and Tonya Duffy ran campaigns to prove their passion for public service and their commitment to those they represent. During the race, both agreed that drug addiction is a huge issue facing Barnes County today, pledging to use their experience in order to better the community. Tonya Duffy will now serve as Barnes County State’s Attorney, getting 2,755 votes versus Schoenack’s 1,787.
Duffy has previously been State’s Attorney in LaMoure County and Assistant State’s Attorney in Barnes County, among other positions she’s held in public service. She has taken a stance on recognizing the experience, skill, leadership, and commitment an elected State’s Attorney requires and acting on them appropriately. As State’s Attorney, Duffy looks to fix drug addiction and crimes that arise from substance abuse, including focusing on creating local opportunities for treatment.
Sue Lloyd and Randy McClaflin ran for Barnes County Sheriff, focusing heavily on dedication to the public wellbeing and commitment to getting the job done right in a way that proves beneficial to the community. They also both gave voice to the rapidly-worsening epidemic of drug abuse and the problems the county jail faces. Barnes County has elected incumbent Randy McClaflin to be Sheriff, with 3,448 votes for him and 1,417 votes for Lloyd.
McClaflin has been Sheriff of Barnes County for 16 years and has over 30 years of experience in law enforcement. He worked up through reserves to correctional officer, deputy, jail administrator and then to Sheriff. Because the community of Valley City is close, McClaflin appreciates that his position is fulfilling as he talks with citizens and gets the confidence that they have his back.
Brad Cruff has been elected to serve as Judge of the District Court No. 3 Southeast, receiving 4,406 votes and winning against write-in candidates with 29 votes.
Shawn Olauson has been voted into the position of Barnes County District 2 Commissioner with 815 votes against 12 votes cast for write-in candidates.
Beth Didier, who was in the running for Barnes County Auditor with no opponent, received 4,367 votes. On the ballots, there were 27 write-in votes for candidates other than the auditor-elect
Barnes County Recorder, Jody Pfaff, ran unopposed, garnering 4,368 votes and facing 7 write-in votes as challengers.
Vicki Zinck Metcalf, elected Barnes County Treasurer, ran with no opponent and received 4,256 votes, with 54 write-in votes cast for others.
County Newspaper: In the newspaper world, the daily Valley City Times-Record and weekly Litchville Bulletin were in the running for the title of Official Barnes County Newspaper. Times-Record won with 3,556 votes, the Litchville Bulletin receiving 1,313 votes.