Education Foundation’s Access for All Program at Risk

Special to the Times-Record
Staff Writer

The Education Foundation’s mission for Valley City Public Schools is to help improve the quality of education in the Valley City Public Schools by encouraging efforts to improve the learning environment, increasing the effectiveness of instruction, strengthening student motivation, promoting staff development and increasing interaction between the schools and community.

One of the ways that the foundation works to meet this mission is through the Access for All Program.

In February 2016, the Education Foundation received a generous donation to establish the Access for All & Critical Needs Fund. The foundation was provided with funds to address the needs of K-12 grade students attending Valley City Public Schools and K-6 grade students attending St. Catherine Elementary by providing as needed funds for students and their families who are in need of counseling services, regardless of their ability to pay.

The Education Foundation was recently at risk of having to pause the program because of lack of funds, but received several donations allowing them to prevent this step backwards. That being said, those who work directly with the program say they are still in need of donations to keep the program going for those students in need.

More on this story can be found in the Dec. 19 edition of the Times-Record.