Eagles Club Raising Money for Fire Victims

The Valley City Eagles Club is raising money to help pay medical bills for Paul Komrosky, who was burned in an October furnace explosion and fire in Eckelson, and to help replace items owned by the families of Paul and his brother, Jason Komrosky, that were destroyed in the fire.

Hilma Komrosky, mother of Paul and Jason, said Friday the fundraising spaghetti dinner, silent auction and bake sale will take place 5 to 8:30 p.m. with entertainment by a band to follow Dec. 21 at the Valley City Eagle Aerie.

“Jason and his family with four children (who weren’t home at the time) lost all of their stuff in the fire, as did Paul,” Hilma said.

Along with the Eagles fundraiser, the Valley City Junior High School Student Council and the Peer Facilitating Group also raised $961 to help the Komrosky family recover from the house fire. The Junior High Student Council staged a “Money War” between the seventh- eighth-grade classes. Junior High Student Council President Bryce Nelson, Jr., presented the donation to Laura Komrosky and her daughter BreLynn Komrosky on behalf of the two student organizations.

Commenting on the help Valley City residents have given her family, Hilma said, “it’s a beautiful little city.”

Hilma said Paul suffered serious burns in the fire, and was unable to be insured because of “other medical problems,” including diabetes. The lack of insurance means his family faces large medical bills.

Hilma said her husband, Eugene Komrosky, suffered burns to his face and hands from the explosion, but is recovering more quickly than is Paul.
Leading the fundraising effort by the Eagles is Amber Eull, said Hilma.
Eull said Friday she is seeking donations for both the bake sale and auction, which can be brought to the Eagles Aerie by 4 p.m. Dec. 21.
Hilma said the Eagles is donating use of the room and servers for the dinner.

Those who want to donate or help with the fundraiser can contact Eull at (701) 205-7454.