Dog Shooter Arrested

Editor’s note: with few exceptions, the Valley City Times-Record’s policy is to not print the names of those accused or arrested of crimes until that person has been convicted.
A Valley City man who fired several shots at two pit bull dogs he thought were going to attack him was arrested Thursday by the Valley City Police for disorderly conduct.
The accused, 24, was taken to the Barnes County Correctional Center where his bond was later posted by District 24 Representative Dwight Kiefert (R).
The man was camping in his back yard with his girlfriend and two dogs in late July when the stray dogs wandered into the yard. The dogs were scared off once, but returned later and appeared aggressive, the accused man told police.
He fired several shots, wounding one of the dogs. After the shooting, the accused called 9-1-1 and reported the incident.
Before his arrest, the man filed a lawsuit in small claims court for $25,000 claiming he was no longer able to defend himself after the police confiscated two handguns, including one the accused claims he did not fire that night.
In a statement to the media, Valley City City Attorney Russ Myhre said,”The City of Valley City does not try cases in the media. The facts will speak for themselves, but the case will be tried in a court of law.  We do not file charges against anyone unless we have a reasonable certainty of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime has been committed.  However, this case involves the irresponsible use of firearms within the city in a residential area near our main street where citizens could have easily been injured or killed in this situation.  Accordingly, we will prosecute this case as required by law.”
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