District 24 Dems Hold Roundup

Special to the Times-Record

The District 24 Democrats held their annual Fall Roundup Friday evening at the VFW Club in Valley City.

The Democratic-NPL evening featured a meal, live auction and silent auction. Special recognition was paid to retiring District 24 Representatives Phil Mueller and Ralph Metcalf.

Larry Robinson, State Senator, said, “Ralph Metcalf and Phil Muller served with distinction in the North Dakota House of Representatives.

They did an outstanding job representing District 24. As a team we worked hard to respond to the needs of this district. In my humble opinion, we did just that. Phil and Ralph are very good friends. We have traveled thousands of miles together and attended hundreds of meetings on behalf of this district.”

Robinson also said Friday, “I must not forget the strong support Ralph and Phil had from their spouses, Helen Metcalf and Darlene Mueller. It would be hard to find two finer women. They are simply great ladies in every way. Mary Lee and I have been fortunate to have shared 14 years with these folks, It has been quite a run.”

Ross Mushik, D-NPL candidate for state treasurer, also spoke Friday.
Mushik said there is a need for new leadership in that office do a better job in the management of state funds.

Mushik asked the audience, “Can you believe that we paid $35 million in fees to Wall Street brokers last year? We did!”

Guests were able to participate in a silent auction along with a live auction while hearing from the candidates and enjoying a meal.

Paul Riemerman contributed to this article.