Dems pick their delegates

The District 24 Democrats held their Presidential Caucus and delegate selection meeting Tuesday night at the Skoal Room at Valley City State University.

The State Democratic party had similar meetings in every district in North Dakota on Tuesday. The meetings were part of a new process of selecting delegates to send to the North Dakota Democratic Non Partisan League meeting June 16 in Bismarck. At the state meeting, delegates for the National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., from September 3 through 6 will be selected.

Party members were unsure at times exactly how to proceed, but said the new selection process allows greater access of the National Convention to a greater number of people.

“It democratizes the process,” said party member Sharon Clancy, “who can argue with that?”

District 24 could have selected 12 delegates and 12 alternates, but only 11 party members showed up to the 7 p.m. meeting, with three of those being state legislative candidates Larry Robinson, Sharon Buhr and Naomi Muscha.

In the end, District 24 chair Steve Anderson and Vice Chair Patt Angeles were the only two delegates selected.

The party members also unanimously pledged their support to President Barack Obama as their choice for the Democrats presidential candidate.

The State Democrats will ultimately send 27 delegates and 2 alternates to the National Convention. That group will consist of 15 district-level delegates, of which seven will be male and eight female; five unpledged party leader and elected official delegates made up of three males and two females; two pledged party leaders and elected officials; five at-large district-level delegates and one male and one female district level alternate.

Burh also revealed the District 24 Democrats’ campaign slogan: “Leadership for a changing North Dakota.”