Dakota Plains Donating to More Local Companies

Dakota Plains Cooperative, headquartered in Valley City, has donated to more local charities and has even more to distribute to during this year’s holiday season.

Every year, the cooperative donates money to organizations in the counties it serves, and then Land o’ Lakes matches the grants 100 percent.

“We do it during the Christmas season. It’s our opportunity to give back to the communities we serve,” general manager Ken Astrup said, adding “we try to do it this time of the year because the need is a little bit greater now.”

The companies’ most recent donations were to the Salvation Army, which received $6,000 total, and the Valley City Fire Department, which received $4,000 total.

Valley City Fire Chief Gary Retterath said the fire department plans to use the grant to purchase rescue equipment.

The Salvation Army will keep a portion of the grant here in Barnes County, and give a portion to the other counties Dakota Plains serves, Astrup said.

The companies also plan to give $10,000 to the Valley City State University Foundation and make a donation to the Barnes County United Way.

Other donations will be going to Farm Rescue in Jamestown and the Great Plains Food Bank in Fargo, which, Astrup said, is the place that distributes food to the entire state.

“We do our donation, and then they, in example, will contact Lamoure Food Bank, and tell them they have $1,000 credit at the Great Plains Food Bank,” Astrup said.

That’s one of the reasons the company likes to donate to state-wide companies. The North Dakota FFA foundation also receives a donation that will be spread throughout counties with FFA chapters that Dakota Plains Co-op serves throughout most of southeastern North Dakota.

The total amount Dakota Plains Co-op has given with matching grants from Land O’ Lakes this year is $52,000.

Last week, the companies gave a $4,000 grant to the new Sheyenne Valley Soap Box Derby Association, which is got its start with the help from the grant.

Astrup said that the Land o’ Lakes Foundation is a regional program that matches donations that local cooperatives give.