Dakota Plains Donates $4K to Soap Box Derby

A brand-new Soap Box Derby Association is off to a flying start with the help of matching donations from the Dakota Plains and Land O’ Lakes Cooperatives.

Monday Rydell Becker, manager of the main Dakota Plains store in Valley City, presented Scott Crump, president of the new Sheyenne Valley Soap Box Derby Association and association Vice President Wes King with a $4,000 check.

Crump said the Soap Box Derby group broke off from the Valley City Chamber of Commerce this year “and started our own club” to operate the local Soapbox Derby – “this will be our first year” operating the Derby, Crump said.

“Dakota Plains has really stepped up to be a major sponsor to save Soap Box in Valley City,” Crump said.

Ken Astrup, general manager of Dakota Plains, said Monday the Dakota Plains donation was doubled with the help of a matching contribution by the Land O’ Lakes Cooperative.

“Land O’ Lakes is a regional co-op providing us with farm chemicals and feed, and their foundation provides matches. Land O’ Lakes makes contributions based on our support of Land O’ Lakes,” Astrup said.
This year the local derby will take place in early June, and the new director will be Scott Miller, who has taken over the position after the retirement of long-time director Tim Kadrmas, King said.

“We are looking for kids wanting to participate. We will find them sponsors and cars if needed – ages 7 to 18.” The derby is open to eligible young people through the region. Valley City’s Soap Box Derby is the only sanctioned derby in North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana.

People interested in sponsoring this year’s Soap Box Derby can call King at 845-1020.

Astrup said Dakota Plains was pleased to be able to help the local Soap Box Derby. “it is a chance to provide opportunities for kids. We try to be involved to give kids a chance to participate. It’s a good program for them.”