Couple saves man in sunken vehicle

A Jamestown couple can be considered heroes after saving the life of a fellow resident from the city of the Jimmies.

Cole Huber and Jesse Fieberger were traveling on Interstate 94 when they came across the scene of an accident Thursday.

A 1989 Chevrolet Celebrity driven by David Paul Floyd Brown, 30, had driven off the westbound lane and into Hobart Lake near mile marker 286.
The accident was reported to the Barnes County Sheriff’s Office at 10:45 p.m., and deputies, Highway Patrol, the Barnes County Rescue Team, Barnes County Ambulance and county Emergency Manager Kim Franklin were soon dispatched to the location.

Back at the scene, the car was sinking into the lake, and Huber and Fieberger swam to the vehicle and extracted Brown, bringing him to shore.
Brown was transported to Mercy Hospital for his injuries, while the LifeFlight Helicopter was warming up in case a transport to a Fargo Hospital was necessary.

On Friday morning, Sheriff Randy McClaflin said prepping the helicopter is a common, precautionary move in that situation.

Brown, who is currently under the supervision of North Dakota Parole and Probation for unauthorized use of a vehicle, was later arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence following further investigation of the accident.