County 4-H Members Show Their Work in Dog Project

Barnes County 4-H members who participated in the dog project had a chance to show off their work Friday at the dog show during Barnes County 4-H Achievement Days.
The show began at 5:30 p.m. at the North Dakota Winter Show building. Crowds gathered around to watch the 10 dogs and their owners compete in obedience and showmanship.
The dog show is an annual show held every July during the achievement days.
Ellen Bjelland, Barnes County’s 4-H extension agent, said Barnes County is one of the few counties that does a dog show.
Rachel Borg, 13, of Valley City has been participating in the dog project for four years now. Friday, she showed her dog, a Golden Retriever named Hunter, in the obedience and the showmanship categories. She and her dog were the sole members in the graduate novice lot, which is for 4-Hers who have received a blue ribbon in the Novice class with this dog.
Borg said that the showmanship category judges the dogs based on their breed standards, like how they look.
In the obedience category, dog were judged on how they respond to their owners and how their owners handled their dogs.
Borg said she learned patience and perseverance, because “he’s kind of a handful.”
The obedience show was divided into 5 lots based on the 4-H member’s experience with dog training.
The dog showmanship show was divided into two categories: junior novice and senior novice.