Country Farm Life new Fort Ransom program

Special to the Times-Record

A new program is debuting at Fort Ransom State Park this year called “Country Farm Life: Portraits of North Dakota Living at the Turn of the Century,” announces FRSP Manager John Kwapinski.

Each Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m. programs featuring pioneer living in North Dakota will be held at the park’s Sunne Demonstration Farm.

Special guests will showcase different aspects of pioneer living including: cooking demonstrations, holiday traditions and celebrating threshing season. Various buildings making up the Sunne Demonstration Farm will be open to the public to view how the buildings and items in it were once used.

A schedule detailing the presentations will be posted on the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department website at
These are found on the Fort Ransom State Park page under Interpretive Activities.

Fort Ransom State Park, located in the scenic Sheyenne River Valley, south of Valley City and just outside the community of Fort Ransom, provides camping, hiking trails, canoe rentals and corrals for horses.

More information about Fort Ransom State Park and North Dakota’s 12 other state parks can be found on the NDPRD website at or by calling 701-328-5357.

More details about the Fort Ransom State Park activities can also be found online or by calling the park directly at 701-973-4431.