Cooking Classes at the Gaukler

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Donovan Williams
The Gaukler Family Wellness Center will start their cooking classes on January 24th at 5 p.m. Wellness Center Facility Manager Ali Keller is very excited about the possibilities of what the classes can do in terms of giving people options in eating healthier.
"Our creative cooking classes are geared towards anyone who is looking for healthier meal options," Keller said. "We're focusing each class at a different category essentially. This first class will be about salads. We're going to teach people to utilize things they already have so they aren't spending a ton of money to create a new dish. Like subbing hamburger for turkey, for instance."
Keller made it clear that anyone can participate, that there are options for those who prefer strictly vegetarian or vegan dishes or if someone has an allergy to something, they will be given tips to sub ingredients out for something else.
"They will customize their creations to their own dynamic needs," Keller said, "while learning how to prep for the basics."
Everyone taking the classes will also get to leave with a recipe card on what they had covered. It will be a great chance for people to get a great experience and a sense of a healthier life style. Most of the time in our society, we tend to go through drive-thrus, eat frozen meals, and we just need to be reminded that there are healthier options out there that we can also take on the go.
"I really just want to see more fitness/health based events in our community," Keller said. "That is why this is a great opportunity for us to co-teach with NDSU Extension Services. It's educating and informing people of dietary options."
Keller also emphasizes on the importance of having the kids involved in healthy meal choice.
"We want it to be fun and educational so that people will continue to use this and use it for family time," Keller said. "I think it's important to involve the kids and let them pick out their vegetables and also teach them how to eat the way we are meant to eat. The education part is key for us."
As far as what the future has in store, Keller felt very optimistic about the impact classes will have.
"I would like to see how these first three sessions go and then hopefully grow from there," Keller said in closing.
The classes will be within the Gaukler Center and will provide everyone with cooking equipment. They will be instructed by Sue Milender from NDSU Extension Services and will be assisted by Keller. Admission is $3 for wellness members and $5 for everyone else. Space is limited to 12 people so the people interested will want to sign up ahead of time. The 2nd class will be on February 13th at 11:30 a.m. and will focus on making Casserole. The date for March's class has yet to be determined but is making stir fry. For further information people may contact Keller at (701) 845-3294.