Community Garden kicks off

The Valley City Community Gardens will have a 2012 membership meeting on Monday, April 16 at the Valley City High School cafeteria at 7 p.m.

North Dakota State University Extension Service agent Ellen Bjelland said there were seven 20-by-20 foot plots available on Thursday. The total cost to use the plots from April 15 through October 15 is $40.
"The $10 is refundable if you clean off your lot in the fall, and the $30 is not refundable, that's to cover water, plastic pathways," she said.

Gardeners must also sign a contract listing the rules of the garden. which includes having plants in by June 10 and maintaining the plot throughout the summer.

Aside from sign-ups for available plots, the meeting will also feature a short discussion on gardening and other topics related to the 2012 Community Gardens season.

The Community Gardens is entering its fourth year this season, and Bjellend said involvement has increased since the garden began in 2009.
The garden also maintains three plots for Hunger Free North Dakota, which anyone in the community help weed, maintain and harvest.

"Right now it's the garnders and especially Don Bauer (retired school principal and local gardener) who take care of these plots, and that's a big burden. We know that the hunger free plots themselves provide produce for a lot of families in the community, families that would otherwise not get fresh produce in the summer."