College SAVE Reading Champions partners with Valley City Barnes County Public Library

Special to the Times-Record
Staff Writer

Valley City Barnes County Public Library is partnering with Bank of North Dakota’s College SAVE program to provide one more incentive to participants in its summer reading program – money!

College SAVE is the state’s 529 plan to help residents save for college. Every young reader who signs up for the Valley City Barnes County Public Library Summer Learning Program Libraries Rock will have the opportunity to register for one $529 contribution to a new or existing College SAVE account. At the end of the summer, every reader who completes the program’s parameters will receive a $25 contribution to a College SAVE account and a chance to receive one of 10 $529 contributions to a College SAVE account.

Bank of North Dakota and the North Dakota State Library have partnered to offer the College SAVE Reading Champions Campaign statewide. More than 40 libraries with nearly 15,000 readers are expected to participate and help raise awareness that College SAVE accounts grow state and federal tax free when used for qualified higher education expenses. Contributions are also tax deductible from North Dakota state income.

More on this story can be found in the May 22 edition of the Times-Record.