Clementine's Makes Her First Appearance

Ashley Limesand
Staff Writer

Clementine has found her first scouting location to help her complete her mission from Santa. She has informed us that she will remain for only a few days as she has two stops to make each week. So for those who wish to see her and make a guess on her location, make sure to find her within a day or two.

Once you find Clementine report her location back to the Times-Record by calling 701-845-0463 or emailing and leaving your name, your contact information, and her location.

For each correct answer, the guesser will be entered into a drawing for a grand prize to be handed out shortly after Christmas. After Clementine moves to a new location, her previous location will be revealed, with permission from Clementine, and a new hint of her current location will be given.

Participants are also invited to take a picture with her and share it on Facebook with @VCTimesRecord, but Facebook photos will not count towards the grand prize and are just for fun.

Clementine and the Times-Record do ask that those participating remember and abide by the most important rule of Elf on the Shelf fun, please do not touch her or she will lose her magic and be unable to complete her mission.

To give you a hint, as per Clementine's wishes, Clementine will be at one of the following locations include NuCara Pharmacy, Central Avenue Pharmacy, Smith Lumber Co., Dakota Rose Floral, Bong's Bootery, Dutton's Valley Gallery, Marketplace Foods, and Urban Couture.

More on Clementine and her important mission can be found in the Nov. 20 edition of the Times-Record.