City Reconsiders Building Permit Fees

The Valley City City Commission decided Monday during its finance meeting to consider reconstituting building permit fees in Valley City.

“In 2004, the city voted to eliminate all fees on building permits in the city,” Valley City City Administrator David Schelkoph said.

That vote remained in effect for six years, which has expired, so now the commission is able to consider reconstituting building permit fees.

“We have a full-time city inspector, Dave Andersen, and that requires a lot of money from the city to maintain his wages,” Schelkoph told the commission. “And also, we’re looking at the future, as the city grows, as we start to build, we’re going to require more and more time from him, and may need to increase the staffing of that particular department by one.”

City Auditor Avis Richter said Valley City is the only town in the state that does not have building permit fees.

Mayor Bob Werkhoven said, “We need some more funding,” and that Valley City needs to get back to charging building permit fees because Andersen does provide a service to Valley City residents.

No decision was made, but Schelkoph and Andersen will look further into the financial side of the issue and present it to the commission later.

Commissioners also decided to lease an old garbage truck to Valley Recycling. Marcia and Adam Faul approached the commission a couple months ago, asking for ideas to help their struggling business.

Since that time, City Commissioner Duane Magnuson said he has given them advice on certain grants for which to apply, and Schelkoph said the city is able to provide dumpsters for another pick-up point.