City to Hold Budget Public Hearing

Financially, the City of Valley City is doing well. The preliminary 2014 budget is complete with an overall increase of 3.6 percent in expenditures.
A public hearing is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 16 for residents to voice objections or concerns regarding the proposed budget. According to Valley City City Auditor Avis Richter, all residents are welcome including renters or others who may not pay city taxes on property.
The 2014 proposed budget of $1,376,532 includes only few large increases in some city expenditures. The planning and zoning proposed budget is $8,500, up 750 percent from the 2013 budget of $7,500. The reason for this, said Richter, is because the city plans to pay members of the planning and zoning board for attending meetings. The same is true for the Renaissance zone which had a 2,100 percent increase, from $100 to $2,200.
The proposed budget for forestry and grass cutting increased 82.3 percent, from $1,7350 to $31,630. This increase reflects the city's new need to mow and maintain flood buyout properties.
The 2014 proposed budget reflects a large decrease in funding 9-1-1 dispatchers, which Valley City no longer pays saving the city $122,833 per year.
The majority of the city's revenues in 2014 will come from a mill levy which was estimated at $910,500. With other tax revenue, the city estimates taking in a total of $1,444,200 in taxes.
The city also plans to take in $45,040 for licenses, permits and fees; $41,000 for intergovernmental revenues; $46,200 for charges for services; $88,500 for fines and forfeits; and $752,500 from other financing sources including earned interest, special assessments, sale of land and equipment, insurance conferment and municipal utility transfer for a total of $1,584,060 in revenues.
According to Richter, once the proposed budget is published, the mill levy can not be increased though the city can decrease it.

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