City Commission Discusses Valley Recycling Finances

During the Valley City city commission’s regular meeting Monday, Marcia and Adam Faul of Valley Recycling asked the commission for ideas to help finance their struggling business.

The rates for cardboard, their main source of income, have dropped significantly and Marcia said the business is barely keeping afloat.

“(Cardboard payments) usually cover a good portion or our expenses every month,” Marcia said, but now that their revenue is decreased, they’re looking for ways to pay for a new engine for their garbage truck and stay in business.

The Fauls suggested having the city charge a fee per water meter, both residential and commercial, but said they’re open to any and all suggestions.

Mayor Bob Werkhoven said the city already subsidizes a third of their business.

Marcia said she doesn’t want to charge a fee for recycling, but they need a way to cover their costs. Previous Valley City city administrator Jon Cameron had made that suggestion before, but Marcia turned the offer down because they didn’t want to anger citizens.

“I didn’t feel it was fair to them. I knew that we were only just getting by, but I was comfortable just giving it just a little bit longer to see what would happen,” Marcia said.

“I never predicted the markets would drop so substantially,” she continued.

Marcia said her goal for the business is to keep the recycling business in Valley City without causing a financial burden to its citizens.

“I want to stay here; I want to keep growing,” Marcia told the commission. “We have future plans. We are going places.”

City commissioners agreed that finding a way to help their business is important. Although no decision was made, commissioners offered their thoughts.

“I think it’s an obligation of the city to make this a business that you can survive on,” city commissioner Matt Pedersen said. Pedersen said he thinks recycling is important and his entire family recycles.

City commissioner Madeline Luke said if a bigger volume of recyclables would help, they should try to get local businesses more involved and start recycling what they can.

The Nearly Nu thrift store said they’re willing to help in any way they can.

In other business, city commissioners approved design engineering contracts for three road construction projects for 2013. Public information meetings will be held at a later date.

City Officials Remind Residents

City Administrator David Schelkoph said that Nov. 15 is the last day to submit plans to the city for re-purposing the City Auditorium. An auction will be held the week of Nov. 19 when the winning bid will be awarded.

City Auditor Avis Richter said she wanted to remind Valley City citizens who plan to vote in November’s election via absentee ballot to stop at city hall to pick up their ballot for the city advisory vote, which would renew the 1 percent city sales tax. General election absentee ballots are available at the courthouse.