City Administrator Schelkoph Issues Grievance Against Mayor

Heidi Harris
Staff Writer

Valley City City Administrator David Schelkoph is the latest city official to file a grievance against Mayor Bob Werkhoven.

In Schelkoph's grievance, submitted Thursday to attorney Joseph Larson, he states that Werkhoven has created a hostile work environment for "unprofessional behavior," "lack of leadership," "lack of communication," and "failure to follow chain of command."

Earlier this week, Valley City City Attorney Russell Myhre, Police Lt. David Swenson and Police Chief Fred Thompson all filed grievances against the mayor for allegedly creating a hostile work environment.

The full story on Myhre's grievance can be found in Wednesday's Times-Record, and the full story on Swenson's and Thompson's grievances can be found in Thursday's Times-Record. The full story on Schelkoph's grievance will be in Friday's Times-Record.