Celebrating National Tourism Week

The Valley City Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) is celebrating National Tourism Week at 12:00 (noon) on Thursday, May 10. The celebration begins at the new water fountain at City Park then moves to the outdoor display at the Rosebud Visitor Center. Rootbeer floats will be served at the Visitor Center.

Tourism has been on the rise in Valley City as evidenced by increased accommodation tax collections and a rise in the food and beverage tax amount. These are two funds that help quantify the number of visitors in the area. Visitors signing in at the Rosebud Visitor Center has averaged over 2000 a year. The Valley City CVB’s primary purpose is bring visitors to the area. Amy Pederson is chairperson of the CVB. Board members include Scott Tichy, Stephanie Olsen, Doug Anderson, Ken Reid, Dawn Riley, Jan Stowman, George Dutton, and Stephanie Mayfield. Mary Lee Nielson is the marketing director.