Buhr Refuses Recount

Sharon Buhr will not ask for a recount following her 50-vote loss for the District 24 Congressional seat.

In a recent statement Buhr said, “I would like to congratulate our newly re-elected District 24 state senator and two newly elected state representatives. There is much work to be done in our state so that all of our citizens have the opportunity to have a rich and full life.”

“During the campaign I enjoyed going door to door, learning what issues people think are the most critical.  The entire process was uplifting, as I continually  recognized what a miracle our democratic form of government is.”

“Thank you to my Democratic team, and to all my supporters. Everyone  was outstanding!”

“I shall continue to be active in local and state issues, particularly health issues, with the goal of making Barnes County the healthiest county in North Dakota. One aspect of this will be to bring forward the scientifically proven fact of climate change, and that we must address this in order to preserve our future here in North Dakota and the nation.”

Buhr lost to Dwight Kiefert and Naomi Muscha in the district 24 race which covered Barnes County and parts of Cass and Ransom Counties.