Buhr Recognized For 21 Years On School Board

“Thank you so much,” Valley City Schools Superintendent Dean Koppelman said, hugging outgoing school board president Sharon Buhr.

Buhr was recognized for 21 years of service to the Valley City School Board on Monday night at the board’s annual meeting. Monday was Buhr’s last meeting as an official board member after losing her re-elction bid to Richard Ross, an assistant professor and degree coordinator at Valley City State University.

“You’ve been the school board president every year since my children have been going to school here and I just want to thank you for your service,” Ross told Buhr during the meeting, adding that he hopes Buhr will continue to share her 21 years of expertise.

Board member Dick Nelson, who is now the longest serving member of the board, congratulated Buhr on the accomplishments that have been made over the past two decades, adding “We’ve been together for 21 years. That’s more than many marriages.”

Buhr will continue to serve as portfolio holder for the Valley City-Barnes County Health Board and the Flood Task Force. The board’s Vice Presedent, Joyce Braunagle, was voted President, and Mike Callahan was voted VP.

Ross will take over Buhr’s portfolio assignments for Curriculum and Instruction, the Sheyenne Valley Area Career and Technology Center and the Valley City Public Schools Education Foundation.

“Those portfolios fit right into my expertise,” Ross said.

Buhr said she was proud of the work she and the board did to make the Valley City School District one of the most successful in North Dakota, and was especially proud of the Hi-Liner Activity Center and what it means to the community, as well as the schools’ academic program.

“We are known as one of the very best school districts in the state, and we are known for the best teaching staff that we have in our state,” Buhr said.

“I’ve been very fortunate to be chair of the board for a number years, and such a great board that doesn’t just look to do some, or a little, or enough, but to look to be the best and to be a leader across the state. That’s what I wanted for my kids and that’s what I want for every single child.”