Blonde On The Prairie: The Blonde’s Favorite Things

I know I’m not Oprah. I’m just me. A humble mis-fit of a gal just trying to get by the best she can with what she has. This week, out of the blue I was forced into a situation that had me either wanting to jump (not for joy but off a cliff.) I felt like I had been stung by a billion bees when the news hit. I felt like my insides were being bitten by a pack of angry dogs. “That doesn’t sound like you Jodi Rae,” you’re saying to yourself. No. It doesn’t sound like me and that’s why I had but two options. I could have chosen to wallow on a prairie of self pity or turn my circumstance around in the house that holds my mentality. My mentality housed in my brain has the ability to fly me to altitudes most humans need oxygen for or suppress me to a place where I feel not like getting out of bed. I was in one of my “I simply can’t get out of bed today” moods when instead I decided to list all that is good. It’s not easy listing anything good when all you want to do is complain and wallow.

Have you noticed that all the people trying to get you to stop complaining will always say their “yeahbuts.” Yeahbuts are habitual quotes they use to hopefully get you to stop complaining so they don’t have to listen to you. They probably intend for the quote to make you feel better too. The yeahbutters always find something to say while you procrastinate in your pity that sounds like this. “Oh, you lost your dog? Yeahbut now you can get that poodle you’ve always wanted.” Or they may say, “Your dad died? Yeabut now he’s in a better place.” Yeahbutters many times say the wrong thing while attempting to silence your pity. Knowing that’s the response I’d get if I told anyone my pity I decided to change my mood by listing my favorite things. When one trains their brain to good-the sting of the bad only feels like a small pinch. As I listed my favorite things I did the second thing that seems to always help me in a brilliant way. When I wallow within myself but begin thinking of other people and how I could use what I have to help them- my perspective always changes. Not sometimes it changes-indeed, it always changes. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you just in time for Christmas “The Blonde on the Prairie’s Favorite Things”:

1. Black pepper from Trader Joes, at

2. Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Face Cleansing System. Costs a little more but that’s because of the sonic in it. My co-workers have noticed the difference in my skin! Perfect for teenagers and adults alike.

3. The book series, “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. Every writer, painter, actor, musician should read this series of books. They’re workbooks too and they validate you as a creator. Available on as well as other sites. A perfect gift for the creative one in the family!

4. Pride of Dakota-Golden Valley Flax

Ingstad lives on the prairie near Valley City and writes this column for the Times-Record.