BCN Senior Wins Kindle For Reading

Barnes County North Senior MaKenzie Krueger, a student from the West Campus, was awarded a Kindle Fire by the school’s Title I Reading Committee Jan. 22 for earning 2,500 Accelerated Reader points.

Principal Joan Klein said Friday she figures Krueger had to read between 250 and 300 books in order to win the device, which can be used for reading books along with accessing the Internet.

AR is a national web-based reading program “based on each student’s independent reading level.” Students read books independently within their reading levels and then take quizzes to earn AR points. BCN-West Campus’s Title I Reading Committee set up a reward system to encourage students to go beyond their required classroom AR requirements. Individual students accumulate points to be eligible for the rewards. Krueger has been working to earn the 2,500 points since the school’s program began in 2008.

Klein said on average, reading one book wins a student 10 points.

Krueger is the first BCN-West Campus student to reach 2,500 AR points. She was awarded the Kindle Fire-HD at the 2nd quarter AR awards ceremony on Jan. 22.

Klein said the reading program was set up by the school district five years ago, “and we never expected a kid to reach that level (2,500 points is the highest point level prizes are award for in the program).”

Klein said lower level prizes include a $50 gift certificate, and range up to a Kindle for earning 2,500 points.

By winning the top prize for the first time, Klein said Krueger’s accomplishment “is the pinnacle of the whole event. She just accomplished it two weeks ago.”

Klein said after five years of extra reading and aiming for the top prize, Krueger decided she would have to pick up speed to win before graduation.

“When we designed the program five years ago, we didn’t know we would get there,” Klein said.

The principal said Krueger was so excited about her prize, “she wouldn’t put it down” at a basketball game following the award program.

Krueger’s father was so thrilled with his daughter winning the Kindle, “he went out and got her a case for it before she even had it,” Klein said.

Klein said the particular Kindle, a very small design, is one of the high-end models. The school has even given Krueger access to the school server with her Kindle, an honor not given to every student at BCN, the principal said.