BC Deputies Involved in High-Speed Chase

A high-speed chase that started in Cass County by the Fargo Police Department ended up in Barnes County Friday night.
According to Barnes County Sheriff Randy McClaflin, the suspect was involved in a domestic dispute Friday night and busted out the windows of a North Fargo Stamart and at First National Pawn.
The suspect then allegedly got behind a Fargo Police Department vehicle and pushed it. The suspect also allegedly nearly hit a Fargo police officer. On Saturday morning, during a run or die run at the West Fargo Fairgrounds, he again nearly hit a Cass County Deputy.
A pursuit began and went west on I-94 with the suspect's speed over 120 miles-per-hour.
The suspect went into the ditch near mile marker 294 near Valley City and turned around and went back east. He then pulled off on the peak road and stopped.  Barnes County Deputies Pat Sand and Steve Loibl did a felon stop. The suspect threw his vehicle in reverse and rammed both deputies' cars, holding it in reverse. With tires smoking he pushed onto Barnes County's squad cars. The suspect was removed from his car and arrested.
Both Deputies are OK. The suspect faces several charges.
 "Good work team, shutting down this highly dangerous subject," said McClaflin.
More details will be in Tuesday's Times-Record.