Barnes County North hits Bull’s-eye

Three Barnes County North students have achieved “straight A’s.”
“Arrows,” that is.

Sisters Hope and Hannah Willson, fifth and seventh graders, respectively, and senior Cody Beach qualified for the 2012 NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) National competition in Louisville, Ky., on May 10 and 11 following the state competition that saw the school finishing fourth as a team in the senior high division.

“We were 15 points from third,” said coach Kurt Wagner at the BCN School Board Meeting last Wednesday. “Next year.”

In the competition, the students shoot three sets of five arrows at a short distance, than another three sets of five arrows at a longer distance.

With a bull’s-eye being worth 10 points, a perfect score is 300.

Cody Beach scored a 275 out of 300, but then their was a Dunseith kid that scored a 291, which is unreal,” co-coach Davy Zinke said Tuesday. “That’s pretty remarkable... We had a kid who shot 262 and the fifth place was 265, so we had some kids who were pretty close.”

Hanna Willson tied for fourth place in the girls middle school division, but could not make it to a shoot off and was given fifth place.

Hope Willson tied for first in the elementary girls division, but again missed the shoot off and was given second place.

Reports from Bismarck say the state competition participation was up 14 percent over last year, and Zinke said this is the first year archery was offered at the BCN East campus and the second year for BCN West.
“We got a grant and the North Dakota Game and Fish supplied the equipment, so actually that’s pretty neat,” Zinke said.

The competition in Kentucky looks to be fierce with a record number of archers expected to attend.

“This is so big that the Guiness Book of World Records is going to be there to see if it’s the world’s largest archery shoot. It has really grown,” Wagner said.