Area Youths Participate in County 4-H Communications Contest at SVACTC

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Chelsey Olaufson
Several young people from our area took steps toward reaching their full potential as capable, competent, caring citizens y participating in the Extension 4-H Communication Arts Contest in Barnes County on Tuesday, March 19th at the Sheyenne Valley Area Career and Technology Center.
The contest was one of many examples of a ‘learn by doing’ event that the NDSU Extension offers throughout the year to 4-H members.
This Communication Arts program is designed to provide opportunities for youth to develop organizational skills, communication skills, and confidence. These life skills will be of great use to the youth, now and throughout their lifetime. Participants have several avenues they may choose to travel down in this contest: They may choose to build their vocal skills by reading a book to the audience, or by creating a talk about a creation of their choice, be it baking, trapping, animal caretaking, mechanical improvements or fixes, or anything they are interested in showing people ‘how to’ do. Bringing technology seamlessly into the mix, participants can choose to create a presentation about a topic of their choice. They also may create a commercial about a topic of their choosing. The final category that they may participate in under this contest is one in which they have a limited amount of time, like fifteen to twenty minutes, to prepare a speech about a topic of the judges’ choice.
Judges and room hosts who assisted in making the event a success were Carol Foth, Abby Ingstad, Tina Bryn, Randy Grueneich, Amy Tichy, Nancy Bjerke, Nick Lee, Victoria Christensen, and Dawn Thomsen, and Phyllis Otterness assisted with organization.
4-H is the youth component of NDSU Extension 4-H programs are open to all interested youth between the ages of five and nineteen Contact NDSU Extension Barnes County at or 845-8528 for more information.