Annual Big Iron Show at Red River Valley Fairgrounds

TR Staff
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=What’s sweet and cold at the same time?
Why, ice cream, of course. Before 1904, all of the cold dessert had to be eaten from dishes with a spoon.
Imagine how much dishwashing was saved when a vendor at the 1904 ran out of dishes for his ice cream. A nearby pastry seller thought quickly and rolled a hot, waffle-like pastry into a ‘cornucopia.’ The ice cream cornucopias took off (maybe just because of the saved dishwashing!) and became the industry giant that we all know and love today, according to the International Dairy Foods Association.
Now we have a new way to eat ice cream: Deep fried. It’s usually found at fairs across the country, and is enjoyed by many.
That interesting food (which probably could be used as a definition of ‘oxymoron’ in the English books to replace the traditional ‘jumbo shrimp,’) may make an appearance at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds on the 10th through the 12th of September.
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