Anderson, Didier Perfect Marksmen

Mark Anderson and Blake Didier accomplished the formidable task of shooting 25 of 25 clay pigeon rounds at the Valley City Trap Club, Anderson in early May and Didier on June 10.

Didier pulled off a 23-of-25 first round before pulling off a 25-of-25 second round.

“I just focused,” said Didier, who employed a 12-gauge shotgun for the outing.

Valley City’s course puts five shooters at five stations, 16 yards from the targets, with each shooter firing at five targets at each post.

“For a kid to shoot par on an adult course is a pretty amazing feat,” Valley City Trap Club manager Todd Anderson said. “When you get to the end and you haven’t missed, it’s nerve-racking; just like when you bowl the first eight strikes, there’s a lot of pressure.”

Valley City Trap Club meets Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m., half a mile south of Interstate 94 on the Kathryn Road, with signs directing drivers to the location. Meetings are public, and guns are available for use.
Barnes County Wildlife Club sponsors the Junior Shooting Program, providing funds for targets and ammunition.