2nd Annual Battle of the Badges

TR Staff
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By Ellie Boese
United Blood Services is teaming up with the Valley City Police and Fire Departments on Oct. 16 and 17, where the officials will compete in the 2nd annual “Battle of the Badges” blood drive.
This event pits the local departments against one another as both try to get as many blood donations as they can. The side that has the most donations wins. It’s a friendly competition, bringing a bit of extra oomph to a blood drive.
Here’s a little motivation, courtesy of stats from America’s Blood Centers: 1 pint of blood has the potential to save 3 lives; 1 in 7 people entering hospitals need blood; Less than 10% of the population able to donate blood do so every year;  Every 2 seconds someone in the US needs blood.
Battle of the Badges happens in the Stoudt-Ross Ford showroom on Oct. 16 and Oct. 17 from 11:30 a.m.–6:00 p.m. and both departments encourage the public to donate blood while having some fun competition and supporting local officials.
Here’s a bonus, too––you get free cholesterol testing with your donation!
Walk-ins are welcome, but you can call to make an appointment at 800-917-4929 or visit www.bloodhero.com.