24 Hour Theater Set for Weekend

The community is invited to join Valley City State University students and faculty for a 24-hour theater extravaganza this weekend. Director Jenni Lou Russi said they're looking for writers and directors to show up at VCSU's Vangstad Auditorium at 7 p.m. Friday evening. After a 24-hour challenge of writing and rehearsing, the free show will be held in Vangstad at 7 p.m. Saturday, also open to all.
The weekend is an annual tradition at VCSU, hosted by its theater department. She said it's a great opportunity for VCSU students to give theater a try and people in the community to feel out the campus community.
Students and community members, high schoolers and older, should arrive for registration at 7 p.m. Friday as either an actor or writer. Actors should be in costume and have one prop, and writers should come prepared to write a play based on three randomly-chosen characters.
Russi explained that the actors come in Friday evening, have their photo taken and then leave until the next day. The writers are given three actors, and they must create a play, about 10 minutes long, of any genre using the actors and their corresponding costumes and props. Actors spend Saturday rehearsing all day until showtime.
Three VCSU professors from the Department of Communication Arts, Lee Kruger, Dr. Greg Brister and Jennifer Jenness, will meet with writers to provide feedback. Breaks will be given to help keep participants awake and alert and "keep the creative juices flowing."
Although the extravaganza is only a 24-hour commitment, some scripts have been revisited. Burke Tagney's script last year was sent to the North Dakota Arts and Humanities Summit.
Russi invites the community to attend the show Saturday evening.
"If people want to see what we create in 24 hours, it's free," she said.

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