19 Years Loyal and True

TR Staff
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By Joey Marini
If you've had a subscription to the Valley City Times Record and/or have had the opportunity to read weekly articles by Doug Leier and Nick Simonson, a humble and sincere offering of appreciation is due. Nick Simonson primarily writes about fishing in the North Midwestern part of the country, publishing an article every single Thursday, for the past 19 years.
Having roots in Valley City, ND, Simonson was raised beside the Sheyenne for most of his young life. He is a Hi–Liner Alumni, graduating in 1997 before studying at the University of Florida – Warrington and the University of North Dakota. He has worked in an abundance of professional positions, but always holds true to his outdoor roots. Simonson is currently a Sr. Corporate Attorney for Schwan's Shared Services LLC. With a background in business, he is grateful to have the opportunity to take part in something else in which he loves; the outdoors and writing. Writing for the Times Record over the past 19 years has refined Simonson's content, communication, and connection to the audience. It has also been such a moving foundation that it birthed Dakota Edge Outdoors, a freelance writing company where he is a managing member.
Nick Simonson has shown his devotion to Valley City time and time again. From acting as an adjunct professor at the University to being the Assistant City Attorney of VC, his roots have always had a firm grip on the Hi–Liner soil. Simonson shared the mutual respect given and how that has earned his loyalty.
“I started writing for the paper 19 years ago and the Valley City Times-Record has always kept my articles. I moved to Northeast Minnesota, now I live in Southwest Minnesota and they've always accepted and appreciated my column.” It should make Simonson feel a great deal of pride as, though he is local and Valley City is a community that cherishes its homegrown ambassadors, a newspaper would not continue to run articles unless they contained great material. Simonson is a writer that is able to convey some of the more real, genuine topics through his articles.
With a serious background in fishing and hunting, Simonson's writing has undertones of reality, patience, perseverance, and growth. A them he often tries to portray is “You will screw up constantly. You just have to always learn from your mistakes and grow.”
Nick Simonson looks to complete 20 years of columns and other material he has written and publish a compilation book. His efforts are not into fishing professionally but rather to share experiences of the outdoors and build a stronger communal relationship with it. He hopes readers will resonate with his excitement for fishing but more so with his pursuit of personal prosperity.
Nick Simonson signed off saying, “I'd like to thank the Valley City Times Record for keeping me tethered to the things that I truly love.” Here at the Times Record, we would like to thank YOU for being so sincere, well written, and loyal to the community. YOU are the true catch.