16 Schools to Attend Upcoming STEM and Entrepreneurship Event at VCSU

TR Staff
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By Chelsey Olauson
Valley City State and University of Jamestown partnered together along with John Deere and Impact Dakota to bring the southeast region high school students a day of “challenge.”
Specifically, Executive Director of the Jamestown Regional Entrepreneur Center Katherine Roth discussed the Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Entrepreneurship event that will take place next Thursday, March 21st. Sixteen area high schools have teams, occasionally multiple, that will receive an introduction to software programming in the form of creating a computer game. Last year, that was the kids’ challenge: To create a computer game featuring a maze. This year, we’re not sure what it’ll be- they’re keeping it under tight wraps until the day arrives. VCSU’s computer engineering department writes instructions that the students use to solve the challenge. About the computer engineering and STEM departments, Roth quotes “VCSU is very passionate about their field.”
There will be opening remarks from VCSU’s president and also Roth herself, who will discuss briefly the entrepreneurship side of this event. Another speaker will be Kurtis Foote, senior factory engineer of John Deere, discussing the “different applications of technology, presently and in the future.” VCSU STEM graduates also will be speaking via video recording, displaying the tangible, working side of what happens after college in the STEM world.
Surprisingly, Roth says “No prior computer knowledge required.” She wants kids from all walks of life and stages of familiarity with computers to “open a new skill set” for them.
Of the sixteen schools attending, Valley City High will not be one of them. They have a different technology-related event to attend on that date, Roth says.
Knowing technology is “becoming a requirement” in today’s society, Roth says. The event has definitely been a hit: 2018 was the pioneering year, which had 100 students signed up. This year, “we’ve doubled participation,” says Roth.
Thursday, March 21st, in Vangstad Hall on the beautiful VCSU campus is where all this technological information will be passed down to the students.