$10K Lottery Winner at Leevers Foods

A Powerball lottery ticket buyer has won $10,000 at Leevers Foods in Valley City, said store Manager Rick Idland Wednesday.

Idland said the winner, who has not yet claimed his or her winnings, bought the lottery ticket Saturday.

“No one has claimed it yet. Yesterday (Tuesday) they had 178 days to claim the money – today they have 177 days to bring it in.”

This is not Leevers’ largest lottery winner – “we’ve had a couple of $22,000 winners, a $10,000 winner and $5,000 winners. We sell a lot of lottery tickets at Leevers,” Idland said.

In addition to the boon for a customer, Idland said the store also receives $500 from the state of North Dakota. He said Leevers employees selling tickets work hard at it, and deserve something extra. “The girls at the register will get a bonus.”

Idland predicted lottery ticket sales at the store would also be high Wednesday, with more than $500 million for the top prize in the Powerball game . He predicted the prize would rise to $600 million by the end of the day.

Idland said Saturday’s winner either hasn’t yet checked their ticket to see if they are a winner, “or they haven’t decided what to do with the winnings yet. Ten thousand is nothing to sneeze at either.”

Idland said a $5,000 lottery ticket winner at Leevers last year waited until the very end of the year to cash in the winning ticket, then donated the total to charity, “Either the food pantry or Salvation Army.”